Candice Olson's Fabric Inspiration

Within this collection of fabrics you'll find precious satins, bold chenilles, dreamy rayons, rich textural motifs, glazed linens and soft, rich cottons. The sculptural patterns and quiet color palettes are offset by bold textural contrasts that engage the senses.


Fabric is one of the most effective ways to transform a space. Adding layers of similar color yet contrasting textures magically creates depth and makes your space more intimate and inviting.


There is a reason why Sandstone is the largest palette. Color plays an important role in a space, but it is the neutral textures and surfaces that anchor the color story. Use liberally!


A palette that ranges from mysterious java to pickled teak, these hues instill a sense of calm and quality.


This is a delicious palette inspired by my favorite indulgences. These hues can set the stage for a dramatic setting, or they also can be a quieting, soothing force that unifies a space.


Drama plays an important role in any setting, and nothing conveys this attitude as well as deep, rich ebony contrasted with warm or cool neutrals


This collection indulges my love of modern metallics and the play of light on them. Pairing warm neutrals with Platinum creates a palette I call Glint, which is a fresh, dazzling-yet-livable color combination.


Deep, rich and tactile. Earthy hues add warmth to this complex texture with wood grains and surface textures.


A sun-infused palette of delicate neutrals. From radiant toffee to a quieter sophistication of froth, this is an elegant palette steeped in warmth.


Deep, rich, warm and inviting is how I see Cognac. And, it’s even better when partnered with cool Mist or Peacock.


With their peaceful calming qualities, blues and blue-greens play an important role in my projects. Present this palette in layers of texture – translucent, high sheen, pearlized and soft wovens.


Natural materials, soft light and a warm palette create a restful environment. It’s the contrast of reflective materials and yarns that make the space modern and fresh.


Layers of nature-inspired hues enhanced with beg-to-be-touched textures. If you wish, Peacock palette can provide a bit of a feisty attitude!