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    Bungalow Classic

    Classic. Fresh. Livable. Fashionable. Thoughtful.

    The BUNGALOW CLASSIC duo Randy and Courtney Tilinski - also known as “Mr. and Mrs. Bungalow” - bring their design talents and signature style to market this fall with the launch of their BUNGALOW CLASSIC collection for HIGHLAND HOUSE.

    Inspired by their love of travel, fashion, and all-things-home, the new collection captures the refined, yet approachable, aesthetic the dynamic couple are known for. The STEFAN COCKTAIL TABLE hearkens back to the perfect hotel bar in the Marais...the SAMUEL ETAGERE is ready for that endless stack of art books...the MANSET DINING CHAIR sets the stage for an easy, elegant, last minute dinner party...

    With the introduction of the BUNGALOW CLASSIC COLLECTION Mr. and Mrs. Bungalow invite you to join in all the fun!

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